Glowing rectangular screens

Ever wondered how much time we spend in this modern, connected, electronic world staring into glowing rectangular screens ? … ofcourse not, we are too busy staring into them! You are staring into one right now, I was staring into one when I was typing this (my first blog entry by the way) … Why do we do that? Are they more interesting than the people around us, or a good book or just nature. At work I passed by someone’s workstation (By this comment the intelligent among you can guess that I work in a typical modern office with ‘Open Plan’ workplace design that is designed to promote productivity and teamwork – why that’s not true is topic for another blog) … so getting back to that workstation that I was referring to, there were no less than 6 GRSs (Glowing Rectangular Screens) – 3 computer monitors (yes 3!), one laptop, one blackberry and the now ubiquitous iPad! Is he more intelligent, tech savvy and able than the rest of us .. is he just more confused because of the contant data streams that he needs to interpret? While one my way back home in the train, I noticed 100s of people were staring like zombies into the GRS of one of the wonderful creations by the technological behemoths of today – Apple, Nokia, Blackberry

So my muse today .. is there a solution to this modern malady? I think my wandering mind may have the perfect answer – Glowing Round Screens !

6 comments on “Glowing rectangular screens

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