Waiting !

5 seconds for a webpage to load … you gotta be kidding me! With 50 Mb broadband internet, quadzillion core intel processors and multimillion GB RAM, it still does at times. It’s an eternity in today’s world – You can go to the moon and come back in that time, destroy a country or sink the market capitalization of a company by 5000% thanks to the brilliant automated trading supercomputing errors. It seems that the technology gods are not without a sense of humor afterall. All the gadgets and means that we have invented to increase leisure time, should be helping us to  relax, take things easy, stop and smell the flowers. Didn’t someone say that good things come to those who wait. Not for us homo urbanians. Instant gratification – Queen said in one of their famous songs – “… I want it all and I want it now …”.

Today on this day in September, I am certainly in their corner. On my recent trip to India in Aug, I ordered a pair of beautiful electrostatic speakers from Cadence. I knew that these speakers are made to order, they will take time to be finished, that they will be shipped out only in mid sep, it takes a week for the transit etc… etc… etc .. but I want them NOW!, in my room making beautiful music. Instead, here I am looking into a GRS and tapping away to glory. Such is life!

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