… No i didn’t spell the title wrong, that’s what the guys who are taking digital exhibitionism to the next level are calling themselves. Venture a guess as to what might it mean … what, give up already? No problem, let’s start with their tagline – “We turn purchases into conversations” … but weren’t they already? Haven’t you seen a countless high school kids bragging about the new iPad, the cool new yellow & orange shoes, the new super expensive ED-Hardy t-shirt etc. each a decadent purchase that is currently and will be a topic of conversation for days.

So what can Swipely do that those kids haven’t done already … aha … there lies the trick. As with all things great, it’s preying upon a simple human need to connect and doing it electronically (as if we were not connected enough already with 3749 facebook and twitter ‘friends’). Anyway, if you really must join Swipely, you will create an account using your facebook account, or you can also do the ‘old fashioned way’ (i already like these guys) if you don’t have a facebook account. Then you link your credit card to the Swipely database, and lo and behold all your purchases will be magically displayed on their ultra-cool site. Your friends now instantly know (provided they are glued to their computer screens waiting for the next update) that you had a coffee at Starbucks (by this you tell everyone that you dont know a thing about good coffee). Your friends can review your current purchase, discuss it, send it to other backward friends who are still not on Swipely etc. etc. etc. Since it is the age of e-commerce & these kindered souls at Swipely also need to eat occasionally, they will also display cool deals that you can spend further money, splash them on Swipely, discuss them to death and get more deals & & & …. you get the drift. Oh! i almost forgot, your friends can ‘like’ your purchase as well (i really wish some of these sites had a dislike button)

So that brings me to the million swiper question – Does the world really need another ‘social’ net(shop)working site? Do you really want the world to know where have you been spending your time and money. Does your grocery bill or your underwear purchase need to be splashed over the internet? Aren’t much of our lives already public information in the digital domain? And then their is always the risk of your lies being discovered. Picture this – You feigned a headache to avoid the date with your girlfriend & you are caught on Swipely buying a  couples ticket at the local multiplex, that’s gonna hurt!

I love the concept, it’s quirky, brilliant & audacious. But am i going to join in – no way!

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