The day the finger tappers took over the world

The other day while posting an entry on my blog, John Lennon’s Imagine was playing on the Cadence Amayas, and a freakish vision appeared – Mr Lennon’s apparition magically manifested from the electrostatic panels and asked me “Imagine a world which has been taken over by WordPress!”, but before i could offer an opinion, he vanished and was off to sign autographs in some remote parts of the andromeda galaxy.

Hmm … world domination by WordPress, a scary or welcome thought, depending on which way you swing. For the sake of not monopolizing the creative space, I leave the description of life on earth in such a scenario to a future George Orwell clone to think it up in another book like 1984. But using my immense powers of prediction, I can safely bet that following will be the national anthem for this new world.

Warning – The following may sound outright cheesy, stupid or funny to you, but remember beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder :-) …. For best results, sing along to the tune of ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon

Imagine there’s no conversation
Its easy if you write
No sounds surround us
Around us only words

Imagine all the people blogging for today
Imagine there’s no telephones
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to speak or hear for
And no shouted arguments too

Imagine all the people
Blogging away in peace …
You may say I’m a blogger
But I am not the only one
I hope some day you’ll blog like us
And the world will read as one

Imagine only muses and observations
I wonder if you can
No need for ears and tongues
A bloggerhood of man

Imagine all the people
Reporting all the world
You may say I’m a blogger
But I am not the only one
I hope some day you’ll blog like us
And the world will read as one …

I think we might soon come to this. The following cartoon convinced me.

A penny for your thoughts …

2 comments on “The day the finger tappers took over the world

  1. Ildiko Kiss-Toth says:

    Hi, Brijesh :)

    Funny that you just posted an article on blogging: l just wanted to react your former topic about friending or unfriending in fb… :)

    For me the fb friending is marvelous. Some 100 years ago people needed 2 or 3 weeks or even more to get news from their beloved ones. And nowadays its just one klick or two in the morning and l know for example how the life of Mr Brijesh Luthra, my excellent ex-boss is going on and how his lovely family looks like now, when he is travellling to lndia or works hard in the swiss forest…. nice, no? :)

    Why do we need this? Curiosity, connecting, socializing. Human nature of belonging. Nowadays we dont stay in the same village, so its not 50-60 years that we spend together, knowing each and every thing about our friends and beloved ones. As the information we also fly all over the world, east, west, south, north and up to the moon, marsh, and who knows whats next. And its not only about personal information but many other. All my fb people share thousands of new information each day: music, events, opportunities, articles, science…so, every time i open fb, just do it with the question: whats new in the world today by my friends?…. i love it. oh, no. l like it, like it :)

    Friends or enemies, you were asking the other day. In my view – and you can confirm or debate – fb is the same like „real” life: people wanna be our friends because they simply need our attention. Because the ones who pay attention to us are the parts of our life. Attention is equal to presence. So friending in fb means: „Pls, be present in my life, pay attention to me…” and also: „Pls, accept me as a friend, ld like to be present in your life…” so, the more friends we have, the more attention is shared…
    l think this is exactly why we friend each other: some of us just want to know what is happenning to the others all over the world and some of us would like others all over the world to know what is happenning to us… exactly like in „real” life.. ;-)))

  2. Hi Ildiko

    What you say is so true …. it is indeed great to be able to discover old friends and ‘passively’ keep in touch with people, keep yourself updated with what’s going on with them. The case in point being us, we were able to get back in touch though FB :-) … happy new year and keep in touch.

    take care …

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