‘Pokemon Go’ to be banned in Switzerland!

PokeMon Go

In what will come as a big shock to all the ‘Pokeman Go’ fans in Switzerland, it was announced today that the hugely popular game ‘Pokemon Go’ will be banned in Switzerland as of Sunday 21 Aug 2016. Banning means that ‘Pokemon Go’ will no more be available for download on the app store, all the Pokestops and the captured Pokemons will disappear.

What’s more important is that all the people (especially kids) who have installed ‘Pokemon Go’ on their phones or iPods, must uninstall it before midnight on Sunday. If this is not done, their phone or iPod will turn into a Pokemon and capture them.

There are two reasons why ‘Pokemon Go’ is being banned:

  1. Many kids have entered chocolate factories while hunting for Pokemons and have fallen into the tubs where they are made. And people who buy them in Migros or Coop complain that these Chocolates don’t taste sweet any more, but they taste like children, which they don’t like.
  2. The second and the most important reason is a girl called Ananya Luthra (also called Zuks) has been spending too much time on this game. Nintendo, the company, which makes this game, wants her to spend more time playing with her friends, so they agreed to ban the game.

So, to remind you again – all kids, especially Ananya must uninstall this app immediately after reading this!